"Fisher’s farm-girl-versus-tornado story veers off into new, hilarious territory...Fisher’s inventive, vivid paintings amplify the story’s silliness. The artwork exploits every opportunity for humor with nonsensical perspectives, comic exaggeration, and even careening typography...The mooing ducks, deliciously eccentric artwork and sly cultural references will entertain children of all ages."
--Publisher’s Weekly, April 8, 2002

Written and illustrated by Carolyn Fisher.
Knopf (New York)

Bailey Tarbell is in a pickle. A tornado swooped up all the animals on her farm and spun them around but good. Now the cow clucks, the cat chases the dog, the pig quacks, the duck moos, and the chickens are rooting in the mud.

What's a farm girl to do?

Then, eureka! Bailey gets an idea born of both inspiration and perspiration (she was in the bath at the time). It's an idea so twisted it just might work...