Teleconferencing to Class

Last Tuesday, Skype took me 800km from Calgary to Bozeman, Montana to join prolific writer, journalist and teacher Michele Corriel in her Writing for Young Readers class. We had a lively discussion about kid books, writing and illustration. Thanks, Michele, for inviting me to join you! 


Pocatellecott Award

Children's librarian Kathryn Poulter of Pocatello, Idaho wrote to say that picture book WEEDS FIND A WAY has earned the Pocatellecott Award, an annual honour bestowed by the Marshall Public Library. Kathryn's letter is the nicest award notification I've ever gotten. Thank you, Kathryn and judges!


Dear Carolyn,

As the children's librarian in the town of Pocatello, Idaho, it is with pleasure that I am writing to inform you that you have been selected to receive the coveted and prestigious Pocatellecott Award for your beautiful book: Weeds Find a Way.

Every year, we choose one or more outstanding examples of children’s books to receive this award. As we make our selections completely independently of the ALA children’s book awards, it is exciting to see that the books we choose are also sometimes the ones the committees select. However, whether or not the recipients of the Pocatellecott award receive recognition on a grander scale or not, we feel the books we choose are superlative examples of art, writing, and beauty for children. Your wonderful book fits all those criteria!

Certainly your amazing and beautiful art that fills the pages of the book was a main attraction. We love the way you filled the pages with delicate hairs on tiny stems, bold skies of beautiful blue with a red shoe at the bottom and lots of little sprays of pinched pieces. My favorite illustration is where the weeds find a way to be loved and there are flares of riotous red ladybugs and the redwing blackbird and a lacy winged dragonfly perched on an orange hawkweed stem. You’ve taken the written descriptions and created a visible picture of how weeds really do infiltrate everywhere, even wedged in the worn sole of a tattered sneaker. Thank you for the time, effort, talent and careful preparation that went into your book. It is indeed worthy of this award.

Although the award, unfortunately, has no cash prize associated with it, you will receive a lovely, frameable certificate. Will you please let me know the address where you would like me to mail the award? Once again, congratulations for illustrating such a beautiful book and winning this prestigious honor. We wish you all the best in your continuing work.

Kathryn Poulter
Marshall Public Library

Tick Attack?

Tick season in Alberta. Luckily, this one was nabbed and bagged before it bit!



Hurrah! I was pleased to find out that my art for Weeds Find a Way was accepted into the 3x3 Illustration Annual. Thanks, 3x3!


Crickets, anyone?

As part of the graphics crew for the Beakerhead Art and Science Fest (in Calgary September 16-19), I snacked on food grade insects! The cricket bars tasted mostly of dates…not buggy at all.


An NCTE Notable Book

Hats off to writer Cindy Jenson-Elliott! Weeds Find a Way has been chosen as a National Council of Teachers of English Notable Book for 2015, for among other things, demonstrating "uniqueness in the use of language" and engaging "child response or participation."  http://bit.ly/1HtesXJ


A Nod from Bank Street

I'm delighted that Bank Street College of Education has selected Weeds Find a Way as one of their picks for Best Children’s Books of the Year 2015. Yippee!

See more at http://bit.ly/18TmNWK



Nature in the Classroom?

A comic strip about a recent school visit.



An ALA Notable Book

Thrilled that my picture book Weeds Find a Way has been chosen as an American Library Association Notable book for 2015. The list includes 26 books that the ALA says are "the best of the best in children's books." I'm honored to be in such great company! See more at http://bit.ly/1chOMiC 


Illustration West

Good news: five illustrations from my picture book WEEDS FIND A WAY were recognized at the Illustration West 53 Competition. The judges also gave my work a Gold Award and the Patrick Nagel Award for Excellence. Yippee! Many thanks to the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles.