What We Drew in School

Last month, I talked about books and drew pictures at schools around Alberta. The students brainstormed to invent a slew of never-before-seen creatures. I sketched their ideas. Then relay teams of kids took turns coloring the drawings - all in about fifteen minutes.

Here are some samples of what we did.

Sunset Cliffs

Oh, how I love the Chinook wind. It blew into Calgary yesterday and raised the temperature twenty degrees! I can ALMOST remember what the warm air felt like on my skin in San Diego, where I drew this picture of Sunset Cliffs in my sketchbook.

Pea Soup

Schools and libraries often ask me to give presentations about writing and illustrating children's books. When I flew to Edmonton for a school visit, fog made my flight two and a half hours late! Still, I had fun talking to the students and teachers. Victoria School of the Arts looks like an amazing place to go to school. Thanks to Karen J. for setting it up!