Alberta Illustration Awards

A September highlight for me was participating in the Alberta Illustration Awards Show, a celebration of local artists curated by the prolific and talented Mike Kerr. The opening night art show took place at Mike's (and Renata Liwska's) Randm Collective Studio, and kicks off a month of festivities including a children's book panel and a comic artist roundtable. The art show has now relocated to ACAD, where it will spend some time in the main hall. See more art and bios from the illustrators here. Thanks, Mike, for putting together an amazing lineup of art and activities!

Photos courtesy of Mike Kerr


Illustrator friends Mike Kerr and Renata Liwska invited me to be part of their Christmas illustration swap. Each artist made a postcard-sized tree ornament to trade with another artist.

Here's some collage-in-progress on my owl:

And here's what the final piece looks like:



I traded my owl for Sandy Nichols' vision of the night before Christmas:

And a little illustration elf sent me a Mike Kerr picture, too!

See all forty artist ornaments here. Thanks, Mike and Renata!

First Contact

Calgary's recent Comic Expo reminded me of an illustration that I did for The Shatner Show, a book published by UPPERCASE. Curator and designer extraordinaire Janine Vangool asked me to contribute a portrait of William Shatner: I drew Trekkies lined up for the great man's autograph.