Calgary Flood

One month ago, Calgary suffered a devastating flood when 20 centimetres (8 inches) of torrential rain fell. That's more rain in two days than we usually get in a month on the pairie.

Rivers swelled and burst their banks. 100,000 people were evacuated. Whole neighborhoods disappeared into lakes. Electrical backouts darkened city blocks.

At the zoo, the hippos nearly escaped into the Bow River when floodwater rose above their pool walls.

When the sun finally came out, Calgarians got to work, pumping, stripping, gutting, mopping and drying their mud-caked homes. I live with my family on a hill, so we escaped the flood unscathed. We donned rubber boots to join the hordes of volunteers who came to help the stricken neighborhoods. 

Cleanup seems well underway now, but you can see the high water traces. Those marks will be with us for a long time.