What's Your Happy Dance?


When I was visiting students at Olds Public Library, I told them about the first time I got a letter from an editor saying she wanted to publish my book.

"I was so happy," I said, "that I jumped up and down for five minutes! Then I screamed for six minutes. And I did a happy dance for seven minutes."

The kids in the group showed me their happy dances. One boy did a super-sprint-I-just-made-the-winning-touchdown kind of caper. Another kid crabwalked around the room. And a girl did a revved-up Ukrainian sit-step.

What's your happy dance? Describe it in words in the comment section, or email me a drawing and I'll post it.

By CeCe, age 10


By Jude, age 7


By Vaughan, age 7


 By Rehanna, age 6


By Anna, age 5